Disrupting college

While this was a great study on the affect of online learning on many styles of college, it is interesting to see things 10 yrs later. Not to mention COVID, which made all instructors online instructors. I did green a couple good points… “Shifting toward recognizing mastery of specific competencies where time is variable could even open up a path toward the recognition of lifelong learning, whereby people accumulate expertise over time through both formal and informal means. There are ways to measure that such that employers—in the governmental, not-for-profit, and for-profit realms—can see that a given prospective employee possesses the skill set to do what needs doing”49. pg 45 disrupting college”. And… “Peer-to-peer teaching is not employing student teaching assistants to clarify issues that the professor did not teach clearly enough. It entails requiring students to be the primary teachers of the material. The reason we learn material much more deeply when we teach rather than when we listen to someone teach us is that in order to teach the material, we need to format it to fit our own experiences and cognitive abilities.54 Peer-to-peer teaching is a sustaining innova- tion relative to the students’ job to be done—even though it shakes many faculty members’ beliefs about how learning occurs.” Pg.54 disrupting college

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