5313 Contribution to your learning Community & 5389 Developing Effective Professional Learning

I have selected a score of 96.
For this course we are exploring the different aspects of revolutionary change in the digital learning environment and how we can effectively design courses to model the important concepts. The overall problems we are trying to release ourselves from have been un use for centuries and are hard to let go. The researchers and experts talking about different methods for improving our system and suggesting changes for over one hundred years. I am very impressed with the views of Douglas Thomas and John Seely Brown in their book A New Culture of learning: Cultivating the Imagination for a World of Constant Change. Their examples and ideas for what a significant learning environment looks like in our digitally connected world provided a great framework for what I would be presenting to other educators. I very much liked the 60 schools visit by Grant Lightman with gave us hope that things are changing in our schools as more and more educators implement new learning environments for their learners.

Fink gave us a process to design goals, activities and assessments into course design while focusing on one Big Hairy Audacious Goal The book Understanding by Design provided a process for course creation with similar goals, activities and assessments, but offered a what to categorize each to align with the current structure of standards. With no big overarching goal, each set of goals can be a separate course or lesson. It’s like it has one foot in finks 3-column table and one in covering state standards requirements. Carol Dwecks book brought the subject of the growth mindset from our previous course work back to play a role in how to engage students to keep moving forward in their desire to learn and achieve. To avoid closed mindset by not focusing on grade performance, excuses and looking good. She introduced the concept of Yet with is more akin to apprenticeship than new digital learning environments, but it promotes grit or perseverance and continued inquiry to get the Yes that come after the many not yet.
The instructions state that I can reuse this contributions to your learning and the learning community for both 5313 and 5389. I found that 5389 used a great deal of the content from 5313. We are creating PL that helps instructors design courses just like 5313. I borrowed a lot for the syllabi from 5313 to put together my PL content and use some specific interviews from Dr. H’s site for study materials. I do not see the need for handouts if everything is intended to be done from the iPad. I did have a difficult time deciding when iPad knowledge assessment should be incorporated.
I have participated in the discussions and attended every virtual class period. I am currently working with Lindsey Wallace and Jarrett Lindsey ( the Lindsey’s) from our class. We share our assignment progress and resources and discuss ideas. I am not applying what i am learning directly into a classroom full of k-12 students as my occupation is not officially a teacher. I am more of a guide in that I am hoping to use what I am learning to guide and advise leaders and instructors in higher education about the role of Apple in the digital learning environment.
More and more information is accessible and devices and software becoming more powerful and affordable, it is my task to show educators how they can achieve the new revolution of learning through the use of our products. These include hardware, software, professional learning, support and mentoring. Through my assignments I am showing how iPad can be used to constructive learning environments.

Please follow this like to my Creating Significant Learning Environments Page.

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