5315 Contribution to your learning Community

For this course I am selecting a score of 96

I feel it is important to constantly evaluate and grow in your classroom procedures. Determining what question you want to research and why it is important to your job or position is important. Reviewing the literature helps determine if others have had the same questions and have done the research on the question. Preparing our own research mechanisms and evaluating the results to address our questions helps us take action in our situation. I will continue to use this process going forward in my position to share with key decision makers and stakeholders to improve learning opportunities for teachers.

The tools I am using to find and review literature seem to be working well. Listening to my classmates is helping me understand challenges that that they face in there classrooms. My current situation helps me answer questions educators may have about apple devices.

I have participated in the discussions and attended every virtual class period. I am currently working with Lindsey Wallace and Jarrett Lindsey ( the Lindsey’s) from our class. We share our assignment progress and resources and discuss ideas. I am not applying what i am learning directly into a classroom full of k-12 students as my occupation is not officially a teacher. I am more of a guide in that I am hoping to use what I am learning to guide and advise leaders and instructors in higher education about the role of Apple in the digital learning environment.

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