5318 Online & Blended Learning Contribution to Learning and Learning Community

For this course I am selecting a score of 96. My immediate team includes Lindsey Wallace, Jarrett Lindsey, Bianca Rodriguez and Wayne Wilson. I feel that I completed all the assigned work while building on the work and experiences completed in previous courses. In creating my course I had limited knowledge of the tools I would use, but was able to figure them out.

It was my intent to comply with the instructions by using the finks 3-column table method for outcomes, activities and assessments. Each weekly module addressed Bloom’s taxonomy and assessment of-for-as learning. while designing the course I considered student choice ownership and voice for authentic learning.

I requested feedback from my team and my co-workers in Apple education. All provided good information and Jarrett provided his review on video. Changes to the course were made to the course based on the feedback. Overall I enjoyed this course and the process. It gave me an opportunity to put what I have learned into action.

3 Column Table PDF.pdf

Blooms Taxonomy: Teacher Planning Kit

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