5320 Synthesis of Applied Digital Learning Contribution to Learning and Learning Community

For this course I am selecting a score of 96. I feel that I completed all the assigned work while building on the work and experiences completed in previous courses.

Partial transcript of Learning Journey video. …

I often share examples of programs and initiatives from one school to another help generate interest and ideas. I’ve been exposed to multiple teaching ideas and methodologies. I meet many educators and leaders of institutions every day, but I have been coaxed by Dr. Saltsman and Dr. Harapnuik to learn more about the DLL program. I think they were hoping that if I had more knowledge of the ideas being presented, that I would be a better host for sharing those ideas, given my job. Dr. H says he’s changing the world one person at a time, but his students can help move that process forward dramatically.

So I embarked on this program and halfway through the process I teamed up with some classmates, Lindsey Wallace, Jarrett Lindsey, Bianca Rodriguez and Wayne Wilson, for assignments and we were able to discuss and share ideas and burdens with each other. The greatest part of this learning journey was discovering that what I had learned in the years of doing my job was not the wrong thing. It was also good to know that the tools I already possess are those of a learner with a growth mindset. The tools I share with others are well-suited for creating significant learning environments and COVA. The hardest part of dealing with the learning process was the amount of time needed and the control I was given to learn through my own choosing. The uncomfortable amount of choice ownership and voice given to me make me feel challenged and uneasy, but we came up with a slogan “embrace the uncomfortable” it means you’re learning.

Overall I’ve created a record of my journey that can be a source of information and inspiration for the customers I interact with who are planning their own innovation initiative. In this program I have a greater understanding of the process involved in research, influence, professional learning and course design. By completing the assigned work and building my eportfolio I have an example for others to review. On a personal note, both my children are currently in college and having their father completing assignments and courses to better my knowledge is a great example to them.

I’ve been able to use the technology that I espouse to research, study and create in a way that matches the goals of the courses. I think there’s always room to do more research. There are a lot of historical books and research done on the subjects that I have yet to discover. I’ve learned that the way we currently teach students falls short of authentic learning. That students and teachers just work from test a test and students lose interest and feel disengage from the subject and required work. I’ve learned of the head will not go where the heart hasn’t gone first and that influences important part of leading organizational change and getting people to do the things you want them to do.

Now I am better prepared to speak with other educators and leaders about learning and owning your learning and how best to engage students in that learning. I plan on continuing to meet with leaders in educators in higher education. I will continue to share the best practices of the use of my technology, but will attempt to incorporate what I have learned to convince others that what I have learned in this program is the best practice. As a visual representation of my journey, I have created this pallet of the multiple steps that I have taken in this program to act as an example guide for others looking to do an innovation initiative. Please use this pallet to explore what I have learned and feel free to contact me with any questions.

Thank you.

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