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A few years ago I was challenged with providing instruction to students and understanding the concepts of coding, why it mattered and how it could be applied in the real world.

Through this challenge I research the tools I was tasked to use and prepared my own examples for classroom activities by trial and error and corresponding with peers and those with more experience.

The challenge of the assignment led me to inquire on what I did not know and adapt new ways of presenting material to others in the form of active/inquiry learning.

Coding Example challenge: Working In pairs, determine the series of steps/instructions to move to the whiteboard and draw a shape.
Once you have discussed your plan, test your plan and re-evaluate and retry until you complete the challenge. Reflect on what may have made the challenge easier or faster. Record all your attempts.

I feel that all instructors can be more beneficial to their students if they incorporate similar methods and use technology for modeling, discussion and recording examples, progress and results.


Questioning the effectiveness of techniques, How do I become more effective.


After writing my script. I often will use dictation on my iPad to quickly change my words from handwriting to text, as reading what I wrote helps me correct my thoughts and allows for quick on-the-spot additions.

for slides I use keynote on the iPad. It can export slides as a movie with transitions or as a single images.

I use the slide images in iMovie on iPad to layout my presentation .

For narration I use a voice recording app to create seperate slide narrations and import them into iMovie for the corresponding slides.

If I need a recording of an online movie, I use VLC streaming feature to find the URL of the movie. I open a new tab in my browser and paste the address. then I download it as a movie that I can import into iMovie.

I add a background audio track for ambiance and flow.

Implementation Outline


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