Design Outline

I. Introduction:

I have chosen to research a topic that has a very significant and relevant meaning in my life and occupation. I am an education sales consultant for higher education advocating for the use of technology by teachers and students. I have voiced and demonstrated the benefits of technology for learning in the classroom to many teachers and students in many different subjects. However, most just see it as a preference of teaching and not so much as an educational benefit for both students and teachers. 

My hope is that with the data collected from this action research I will be able to have concrete evidence to support what I have been advocating and selling into higher education for years.

A. Action Research Topic: Personal technology’s effect on the classroom

B. Purpose of Study: This action research will examine if a classroom allowing  students to actively use personal technology in classroom activities increases student-teacher and student-student interaction greater than a traditional classroom with no student personal technology allowed. In addition, this action research will also examine student and teacher perceptions on a classroom allowing the use of personal technology opposed to a traditional classroom.

C. Fundamental Research Questions
Does a college classroom with students using personal technology have higher student-teacher and student-student  interaction as oppose to a classroom without any personal technology in use?
2. What perceptions do college students have of a classroom allowing students to use personal technology in class opposed to a traditional classroom with no personal technology allowed? 

II. Research Design: Qualitative

I chose qualitative as a design for my second research question because I can measure data for the question with interviews and polls. Many sources have quantitative data relating to my question, but that data does not directly address my question. 

III. What the Most Appropriate Data to Collect 

A. Types of Measurement Instruments

  • Student Interviews(Qualitative) 
  • Teacher Interviews
  • Student Polls (Qualitative) 
  • GoogleFormsSurveys(Qualitative) 

IV. Focus of Literature Review 

The focus of my literature review will be a look into the use of personal technology in the classroom, more specifically the effect on student-teacher and student-student interaction. While interaction may not be the only learning factor effected, it may be the most unforeseen result.

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