My job at Apple is to monitor and share trends in industry and education. As a consultative sales person I work with a team of other technologists, former higher education faculty, administrators and industry experts. I increase my knowledge and skills thru interaction with my team, ongoing training and meeting with my many higher education customers.

Often I am meeting with the highest level of administration discussing broad ideas and university issues. I help advise on focused initiatives. I bring one school in contact with another to show the best of what they have learned and created so that they can both grow their offerings and become more assured in their decisions. being a good consultant is not just listening , but understanding where my knowledge can help.

A good example of this is three years after the ACU Connected initiative kicked off and the campus had added iPads and content creation spaces to the library. I was asked what ACU could do to stay on the leading edge of learning environments. I had recently been studying a handful of fabrication labs at engineering schools and shared that the maker movement was just starting to kick into high gear with prototyping, 3D printing, soldering and crafting. ACU visited the world maker fair in New York and from that visit, one of the first maker spaces for Texas universities was started at ACU in Oct. 2013. The We are makers video was produced to help others understand how this new space would be used, why they were building it and how it could tech skills versus just getting a grade.

My work brings me in direct contact with students and faculty. From the thirty thousand foot administrative level down to the granular interaction with apps and workflows. As part of the ACU Connected initiative I would often present to faculty at Tech Tuesdays and APPy hours. Every year for orientation I would share an iPhone or iPad overview that included apps and study resources for students and their parents.

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