Implementation Outline

Innovation Plan

Objective: To reimagine your school through innovative, empowering and personal experiences that allow the student to be more connected, collaborative and creative. This plan will help identify leaders who will help evolve and implement your vision. It will help you manage your technology and establish processes and goals for motivating instructors to build skills and teach with new tools and ideas. Ultimately allowing students to participate in more personal and authentic learning.

  1. Preparation 0 Months – 3 Months
    1. Share proposal letter, video and literature review with college leadership.
    2. Agree on shared vision based on proposal.
      1. Identify key stakeholders .
      2. Create communication plan (two-way).
    3. Select champions team to help with implementation and share vision.
      1. Team helps develop plan for executing vision.
      2. Team engages with all stakeholders.
    4. Define goals for innovation.
      1. Identify goals that work toward vision.
      2. Plan to track and measure progress.
  2. Planning 3 Months – 6 Months
    1. Plan infrastructure for technology
      1. Identify support personnel.
      2. Set-up feedback channel for all users.
      3. Prepare devices for deployment.
    2. Establish software needs and accounts.
      1. Work with champions team to identify apps for connecting, collaborating, creating and security.
      2. Decide on managed or personal control of iPads.
    3. Evaluate network coverage envelope and strength.
      1. Focus on both local and remote access.
      2. Ensure learning areas are prepared for presenting and collaborating.
    4. Acquisition of technology.
      1. Explore potential savings of substitution and redesign.
      2. Realize value of asset planning for continued innovation.
      3. Determine student role.
    5. Integration of technology for learning.
      1. Survey instructors for reaction to plan and current technology level.
      2. Create professional learning goals.
      3. Address top questions from instructors.
      4. Survey students on their expectations.
  3. Phase 1: Integrating 6 Months – 9 Months
    1. Deploy devices to faculty.
    2. Champions engage instructors to start implementing plan.
      1. Practice classroom supporting technologies.
      2. Plan for remote & hybrid scenarios.
      3. Develop student interaction pathways with devices.
    3. Pilot devices with select group of students.
      1. Experiment with challenge based learning promoting collaboration and relevant issues.
      2. Try real world mobile assignments.
      3. Promote assignments involving creative applications.
    4. Analyze and Feedback.
      1. Ask Instructors for feedback on usage.
      2. Survey Students for reactions.
      3. Adjust Professional learning Plan.
  4. Phase 2: Implementation 9 Months – 12 Months
    1. Deploy Devices to All students.
      1. Champions develop training for students.
      2. Introduce students to Apps for discovery, creativity and collaboration.
      3. Practice workflows for completing assignments.
    2. Assess, Review, Inquire
      1. Assess impact of devices in coursework.
        1. Are instructors using tools for learning like blogs, videos & e-portfolios?
        2. Have instructors incorporated OERs?
      2. Review any issues instructors are encountering in class or online.
      3. Survey students for acceptance and usage .
  5. Phase 3: Sustainability 12 Months +
    1. Create internal professional learning role to support initiative.
    2. Encourage Instructors to measure their own progress of new processes.
    3. Share ideas and experiences with one another on a regular schedule.
    4. Document how instructors are reaching the goals of the initiative.
    5. Continue to Survey students on engagement and satisfaction.

Conclusion:  In following this plan you are working to achieve your vision and building a capacity for ongoing innovation. Your instructors will grow in their skills and understanding of authentic learning activities. It will equip your students and faculty with a powerful, adaptive and creative environment for student success.

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