Influence Plan

Change can be a difficult and long process. Influence is important to implementing change to vital behaviors in an organization. After first approaching the heart of those to be influenced a leader must tap into the social need to be accepted and heard. As a leader you must also offer a structured environment for success and constantly measure progress towards the goal and provide feedback and encouragement for all stakeholders involved. As an advisor to the college I offer these influence strategies to change specific vital behaviors, achieve goals and move the iPad Pro initiative forward.

Results we want to achieve

We would like to incorporate iPad Pro into 25% of all fine arts courses within 6 months. Leadership team will review updated syllabi and classroom activities to track progress. Faculty will survey students to measure effectiveness of new activities.

Vital behaviors

Faculty must immerse themselves in the use of iPad Pro in fine arts to learn how it can benefit their courses and enhance student engagement.

Faculty should work with influencers and students to provide enhanced lesson content that incorporates iPad Pro.

Leaders and Faculty influencers should hold faculty accountable for learning the features and benefits of iPad Pro and encourage integration into coursework.

Organizational influencers

College leaders including deans, department chairs and respected faculty thought leaders in the college that will help implement strategies and measure leading and lagging results.

Instructional technology administration and staff tasked with helping integrate technology into course assignments.

Information technology chief technology officer, mobile support staff and classroom management will help create and maintain the technical environment to support the plan.

Influence strategies

Personal• Get faculty to identify with and agree to the why.
• Share existing success stories that can motivate faculty to the possible.
• Ask faculty to discuss how their influence leads to student success.
• Show usage examples for faculty to emulate.
• Let Faculty practice with iPad Pro and ask for ideas and insights for lesson use
• Provide regular hands-on training and new experiences.
Social• Identify opinion leaders to serve as examples to faculty.
• Provide a public measurement “Leader Board” to track progress towards the goal and create a competitive environment.
• Highlight faculty moving in the right direction on integrating iPad Pro.
• Offer a feedback channel for faculty to express needs, issues and obstacles.
• Provide coaching with Leaders and Instructional technology team to overcome obstacles.
• Provide a time for Faculty to share what they have learned on iPad Pro with colleagues.
Structural• Leaders show their commitment to the initiative by using iPad Pro in their own daily work.
• Provide iPad Pro to students as soon as possible to gain feedback and show progress.
• Provide Innovation award to faculty who successfully integrate iPad Pro into lessons.
• IT installs equipment that complements iPad Pro for instruction
• Instructional Technology creates team focused on feedback and integration.
• Leadership commits to to providing financial support for iPad Pro environment.


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