Innovation Project Update

  • Identify and reflect on all the components and work you have done so far on your innovation project.

My current proposal is to act as a consultant to college leadership, helping them form a plan for successful technology integration. Much of the innovation plan deals with leadership. From starting with why to 4DX and crucial conversations, all aspects of the plan are to help lead an organization on a new trail.

  • Identify where are you in your innovation project? What if anything do you have to complete? By when?

Currently I have not implemented my innovation project. I do have a college of music in Oklahoma that will be providing iPad Pros to all students in the fall. I will consult with their leaders on creating a significant learning environment + COVA and PL.

  • Analyze, assess and reflect on the learning process you have undergone by working on your innovation project?

I have undergone a greater understanding of the concepts and themes that working in apple education has presented to me over the years. I have always believed in the growth mindset, but my understanding of COVA really took hold in the active learning and 3-column table assignments. I have also realized that key pieces of significant learning environments are facilitated by the iPad.

  • What worked?

The college of music recognizes the features, benefits and potential of iPad in helping to create a student centered learning environment.

  • What could you do better?

I feel there is always room for more research to support and steer the plan. I could have done a better job on my literature reviews as supporting documents. I think my second literature review was presented better than my first. Knowing the research done on the subjects in the plan you are presenting helps re-enforce your proposal.

  • What lessons have you learned?

I’ve learned that good leaders and good teachers are the key to change. I’ve learned that people are motivated to change in different ways. I’ve learned that asking questions along the way is good. I’ve learned that students can learn through their own inquiry and reflection.

  • How do you plan to promote and communicate your innovation project?

I will use my project as a guide for those leaders creating their own plan. My eportfolio is an example of constructive learning and how to share the summation of my learning journey. The eportfolio exemplifies the idea of “own your learning“.

  • Knowing what you know now what key things (if any) would you do differently?

The key things that I would do differently is to focus on winning hearts, the WHY, as I see it as a key to getting started and a key to keeping everyone engaged. I think this also leads into crucial conversations and being open to the input from others. I would also position the idea of creating a significant learning environment where active learning can take place by explaining the components and how the iPad facilitates this environment.

  • How would you apply what you have learned to your next innovation project?

I would focus on the student and build out the sections of the plan as sections of CSLE with heavy attention on Teacher roles and instructional design. In the past I have told many customers planning to implement apple technology into education that I highly recommend PL. What I’ve learned about PL in this class should make my argument stronger.


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