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My main interest for my entire adult life is using and evangelizing Apple products. I started using Apple devices in high school to complete assignments and empress teachers. This continued into college when I also started working for Apple as a paid intern. I have been working for Apple for 30 years and it is a joy to help others learn the productivity and educational benefits of all of Apple’s technologies.


I am extremely interested in the MAKE movement and have advised numerous colleges and universities on how to get started. As the world becomes more knowledge based and technical, the hand-skills and arts tend to be seen as unimportant. Young people no longer apprentice to learn skills and many have never made a craft or learned a manufacturing process. Helping schools create Fab-labs or Maker Spaces is truly enjoyable.


I have a deep affinity for older audio and movies. I collect radio broadcasts from the 1930’s to today. I prefer full production stories that incorporate music and sound effects over straight audiobook reads. The Podcast movement was started while I have been working at Apple and I presented podcasting to colleges, universities, and educational organizations on the late 1990’s. I have coordinated popular podcasters to present at events. The new podcast and You-tube popularity was slow to catch on but now a vast group of people are earning a living from it.

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Main Interests

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