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Often times I feel like I’m my own social network. I go from one place to another, like a bee from one flower to another and I learned a little bit about what’s going on a different location and I share those things with the next person I meet or the next person after that.  So I’m constantly learning new things about how schools are using technology to teach and learn and administer education to children or adults.

At Apple we have access to some of the best educators in the field of digital education we also have access to leaders who have already achieved some thing like that at ACU. We also share what we’ve learned with our colleagues whether were chatting with a group of them or if we are posting on an internal Slack board.   All the information we’re picking up as we meet and talk with others about technology and how it can impact education is all shared amongst each other. We can keep letting other people know about the wonderful technologies that are out there that can be re-purposed for different outcomes.

We’re always looking for more information. Whether we’re attending a symposium or visiting regular website posts or reading a book or a study from certain professor for publication from a school. These are always that we learn and can share with one another what we’re learning. Giving people new ideas on how they can change what’s going on in their situation or at their institution.

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