My Learning Reflections

I believe in Steve Jobs vision of the computer as a digital bicycle for the mind. Even in high school I was expressing my own creativity with my digital tools. This started me down the current path that I continue to be on. The last 15 to 20 years have seen analog and physical resources digitized at an accelerated pace. With more affordable and powerful devices, the app economy has caused an explosion of information, communication, creativity and productivity.

Content and app creation are becoming easier and easier. The people that have grown up with this technology are already figuring out ways to make money with it in this economy. Currently the students that are proficient in audio video editing, research, coding and app development have the strongest potential for employment and success. It has also started to level the playing field for access to education. Students are living in this digital generation but aren’t necessarily prepared to thrive in it. They are good at accessing and re-sharing, but need instruction on comprehending,  collaborating and creating.

We tend to teach with the tools with which we were taught. We should be striving to transform our instruction with new digital tools and resources. As leaders, our goal should be to not just keep up with digital education but stand out to create the required environment for success. The recent charges have shown everyone that we lack the practice with our digital tools. The tools will not replace the need for instruction or instructors and the instruction we provide needs to be relevant effective and appealing.

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