Portfolio Self Assessment

I spent many years sharing digital tools for education. I started as a student at Texas A&M University working as a representative for Apple. I shared my experiences with digital technology with my fellow students, professors and other departments. Since I started working full-time with Apple I’ve had the opportunity to present and demonstrate many different technologies and digital tools as they’ve emerged on the landscape.  

I’ve presented on using Apple’s tools for challenge based learning at several schools throughout the years.  I presented podcasting to the Texas Association of Online Education and have demonstrated how to create podcasts with software many times. I’ve presented how to use video and audio editing software to share concepts as digital content. Shown people how to present using keynote. how to save and share their content with their LMS or a system like iTunes U. 

I’ve demonstrated many times how a group can collaborate on a document share that document and present the document in a shared space. New note taking tools are getting better and better and I often show students how they can take notes in class, save and share their notes and use them to create papers and projects.  More recently I’ve shown students how to code using tools like swift playgrounds and even control devices like drones or small robots. One of the newer things is virtual objects. The tools for their creation easier and easier to use.

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