New Technology

Some of the members of the academic computing committee, or “lINK” at ACU had been studying the information in the NMC horizon reports over the last couple of years and had determined that many students were going to bring you digital technology to campus and it would be growing over the coming years. The other trend they noticed was that mobile access to Internet resources was going to overtake desktop access to those same resources. One of the key things they were looking for was the user experience in mobile to be close to the user experience on the desktop.

Early on in 2007 a new product was announced it was going to change that user experience for the positive. These forward looking leaders in the committee helped craft a document that would outline how they were going to continue with the initiative. We had many meetings to discuss what the digital vision was going to look like for students with this new piece of technology and how they would present it to everyone. As leaders trying to implement a new technology for digital learning it’s important to find additional leaders or champions who can help spread that information and can build a consensus around the idea.

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