Changing Paradigms

The great thing about ACU Connected was that it was always focused on the learning experience.

The new digital tools would have to be familiar enough to make them easy to use, but also engaging enough for students and faculty to want to use them. Some of the great things to come out of the ACU Connected project were things like class blogs, student response apps, word clouds and digitized resources.

The new digital tool was allowing faculty to stay in touch with their students outside of class and students to do work outside of the classroom whether it was research pre-work or assignments. A great example of redesigning resources was the collaboration to digitize the campus newspaper into the first newspaper App for iPad.  Interdisciplinary projects like this would help many of the team members Learn more about collaborating on digital tools. Some members would eventually get jobs creating apps or designing interfaces. 

Because resources were becoming digitized the library space was reallocated to creating content for sharing by faculty and students. ACU Connected was creating an experience for students to live in digital and mobile world.

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