My expectation for this course included gaining a better understanding of COVA and to gain knowledge that would help me with the execution of my job as an Apple Education sales executive. Many of the concepts and resources consumed in this course have been integrated into Apple education messaging or vice-versa. Over the years I have presented the Apple related content to education customers with understanding of the messages and how it relates to my customers and Apple products. What I have been missing is the understanding of the research behind them.

It takes a growth mindset to be a sales person. My days are filled with rejection and disinterest. To be successful I must look at every challenge as an opportunity. If I was not open to change and new ideas I could not have lasted 26 years in my current position. I would not have been able to experience and inspire the great things my schools have done.

Many like ACU have become examples for great numbers of schools over the years. Just this week I spoke with a school referenced in my innovation plan who visited a connected event. My experience is part of what makes me successful, but I am always open to become better and share what I know. We only grow when we share what we know with others.

My classmates were not colleagues in the true sense and I felt a bit like an outsider when speaking with them. I attended every class ready to discuss the pre-work with small groups. It took me a while to understand many of the processes with blackboard and the discussions board. I have shared my own and reviewed others assignments and provided resources that I thought might help. Only one classmate was in the same course plan as I, Jarrett Lindsey. Unfortunately it wasn’t until week 6 that we discovered our mutual situation, but have exchanged updated with each other over chat.

My normal learning community includes numerous co-workers who do what I do and subject experts with more institutional experience. Even customers who have become Apple distinguished educators and those who haven’t but are great references for insight and information. This is how I first met Dr. H. I appreciateDr. H giving me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and skills.

For the reasons above I fell that I have met the Key Contributions and part of the Supporting Contributions. I would assign a score of 43.

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