Student Centered CSLE + COVA

We are all constantly learning.  A learning environment can be a classroom, an online course or anywhere for that matter where learning can take place. By focusing on a student’s natural inquisitivism and supporting it with teachers as a presenter, facilitator, coach or mentor while providing many delivery forms for instruction like face2face, technology enhanced, blended and online in a well supported infrastructure with ubiquitous access and social networking, you have a framework for a course. If the framework incorporates constructive instructional design, personal and peer assessment and evaluation while maintaining academic quality and standards, you have created a significant learning environment.

The elements of the COVA approach to learning which include choice, ownership, and voice through authentic activities or assignments areas follows. Choice, learners are given the freedom to choose how they wish to organize, structure and present their learning experiences and evidence of learning. Ownership, with instructor guidance, learners are given control and ownership over the entire learning process including the selection of projects, their demonstration of learning ePortfolio, and all their learning tools. Voice, learners are given the opportunity to use their own voice to structure their work and ideas and publicly share those insights and knowledge with their colleagues within their organizations. Authentic Learning, learners are given the opportunity to select and engage in authentic (A) learning opportunities that enable them to make a genuine difference in their own learning environments. The selection and engagement in real-world problems that are relevant to the learner furthers their ability to make meaningful connections

Learners Mindset

Humans are natural learners we are constantly learning and naturally start out with a learners mindset, but our current school structure of cram memorization, regurgitation and standardized testing disengages our natural inquisitiveness and the ideas of inquiry, exploration, trial and error. By supporting the learner’s mindset that comes out of creating significant learning environments that give learners choice, ownership, and voice through authentic learning opportunities.


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