Usability & Reflection

User Questions

I asked my coworkers from Apple higher education and my class team memebers to review my course. I wanted to know the following;

  1. Was the course easy for you to access and navigate?
  2. Are you able to access from a computer and an iPad (if available)
  3. Did you understand the progression of the course and meaning of the assignments?
  4. Are the assignments understandable?
  5. Are there any issues submitting assignments?
  6. Do you have any suggestions for improving the course?
  7. Would they take the course or recommend it to others?

User Review


Reflect on who you were able to have conduct the usability testing? Were you able to get the right people? Why or why not? What can you do to better improve this in the future?

I was able to have several of my coworkers and class teammates test the usability of my course. (Jarret Lindsey’s review linked above). I feel that since my coworkers see examples of lots of courses that they would be able to spot the good and bad features of my course. My current classmates are all teachers and administrators who have experienced online courses and know what features need to be addressed in the assignment for the course. Adding some current fine-arts college instructors and or students to my testing group could be helpful in the future.

What impact did your platform (LMS, Google Docs, or other digital sharing) have on the testing and results?

I used google because it was a quick and easy choice with few set-up demands or proceedures. Apple used to have a course builder application that would have worked similarly to Google Classroom, but has been discontinued. Overall Google Classroom works well for the course due to the web interface and the availabilty of the App on the iPad platform. Since the course is geared towards my innovation project of using iPads in fine arts, it was a good choice. Although the secondary goal of the course was to get students familiar with the built-in apps on the iPad, the ability for the course to integrate into other google apps means that I could easily change some of the requirements from Apple apps to Google apps to make this work as a web-based course. Using Google Classroom was a good choice because it made testing easy for everyone.

What were the lessons you learned from the usability testing feedback?

I learned that some of my instructions were not as explainatory as they could have been and that some of the descriptions of resources could be better.

What have you done to your design to address the usability issues revealed in the testing?What have you added or taken away?

I have updated the decsription or explaination of the resorces list and given some of the weekly overviews a little more detail.

How has this process improved your course and your learner’s experience?

I enjoyed watching someone try out the course. They pointed out some of the same issues I had been unsure about, allowing me to confidently make changes. It is reassuring to get positive feedback and for students to tell me they understand the goals of the weekly assignments.

How has the testing impacted your alignment of outcomes activities and assessment?

The testing has assured me that the outcomes activities and assessment activities and assignments match with the items in my 3-column table and are valid for giving the students choice in their subject, ownership and accountability of the process, presented in their own voice for an authentic learning experience.

How will you address the infrastructure, system, and support needs and issues the learner may face?

I will try to provide more guidance within the modules for using the Google Classroom system. I will use the weekly meetings to address any issues the learners have with the system. The collective nature of the facetime assignments along with the posts on the front page of the course should also help address any issues.

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